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About Gaia + Two

We're Just a Regular Family of 3

Gaia + Two are Aris, Andini, and Lila. A family of 3 who has been very lucky to call Houston home since 2009. We started doing property investments in Houston in 2013, but we only started fixing and flipping in 2017. So far our focus has been on single family homes and townhouses.

Aris has a full time job, Andini is a licensed Texas real estate agent, and Lila is just always busy making life fun for her and her parents.

Finding deals, purchasing properties, fixing them, finding and screening tenants, managing rentals, and keeping ourselves sane between a full time job and a 5 year old are not always fun, but they are worth doing. We have made mistakes, we have learned from them. We are still learning and still eager to learn more. So here we are, still doing it, despite all the challenges.

We are always on the lookout for good deals. Along with a couple of friends we are brewing something that would make finding deals easier. We are excited to announce it soon. And in between trying to find deals, sell houses, and juggle everything else in between, we love to travel. We love to see the world, experience nature, meet people, and learn other cultures. 

If you want to drop us a line, feel free to contact us here.

Thank you for visiting!

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